Spilanthes Acmella Extract Powder
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Spilanthes Acmella Extract Powder

Product name: Spilanthes Acmella Extract Powder
Appearance: Yellowish Brown Fine Powder
Test Method: TLC
Used Part: herbal/flower
Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water
Specification: 80 Mesh

Spilanthes acmella flower extract product description

Spilanthes acmella extract is extracted from astronomical herb of the genus golden button, family Asteraceae. Spilanthes acmella is also called astronomical grass, umbrella grass, rhubarb flower, blood dispersing grass, etc. It is commonly used in health care tablets or capsules, beverages, food, cosmetics, industry, etc.

Spilanthes acmella extract powder function  and application

1. Spilanthes acmella extract is used for skin protection and in the field of personal care products.

2. Spilanthes acmella extract is used as antibacterial agent and antioxidant.