Spinach Powder
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Spinach Powder

Product name:Spinach Powder
Botanical name:Spinacia oleracea
Appearance:Green Powder
Used part:Whole Plant
Test Method:TLC
Specification: 80 mesh

Appethyl spinach extract product description

Spinach powder is obtained by spray drying fresh spinach as raw material. Spinach powder contains high amounts of beta carotene and iron and is also an excellent source of vitamin B6, folic acid, iron and potassium.

Concentrated spinach extract function and application

1. Clearing intestines and defecating: spinach powder is rich in oil. It can lubricate the intestines, clean up the garbage in the intestines, and promote intestinal peristalsis. It can play an important role in clearing intestines and defecating.

2. Resolving phlegm and relieving cough: there are some natural medicinal ingredients in spinach powder, which can eliminate inflammation in the human body, expand the trachea, dilute sputum, and reduce people's symptoms of cough and phlegm as soon as possible.

3. Nourishing qi and blood: spinach powder is a food with high iron content. After eating it, people can absorb and utilize the trace element iron as soon as possible, which can meet the needs of the human hematopoietic system for this material.

4. Calcium supplement and bone strengthening: spinach powder not only contains trace element iron, but also rich in trace elements calcium and phosphorus, which can meet the needs of calcium and phosphorus during the normal development of human bones.