Cuttlefish Bone Powder
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Cuttlefish Bone Powder

Latin name: osepiae
Product Source: The dried inner shell of the squid of the family Squidaceae.
CBNumber: CB15520098
Storage method: Ventilate and dry, cool and moth-proof, avoid strong light exposure.
Expiration date: 24 months
Odor: typical odor
Appearance: fine powder

Cuttlefish Bone Powder Description

Calcium carbonate contained in squid bone extract can neutralize stomach acid, relieve acid vomiting and heartburn symptoms, promote the absorption of inflammation on the surface of ulcers, prevent bleeding and reduce local pain; promote gastric mucus secretion, enhance acid resistance of gastric mucosa cells and anti-ulcer. In addition, it has the functions of hemostasis, promotion of fracture healing, anti-tumor and anti-radiation.

Cuttlefish Bone Powder Function and Application

1. Astringent to stop bleeding

Squid is a salty and mild herb. It enters the liver and blood, and can have a range of effects such as astringent to stop bleeding and remove dampness. Therefore, this herb is mainly used to treat some gynecological diseases and can improve women's disorders such as menorrhagia, dry amenorrhea, and weakness of flushing. Also, it can be used in combination with Bletilla and Cyperus as a medicine for gastrointestinal bleeding and yin-damaged sores.

2. Strengthen the stomach and nourish the stomach

Squid bones contain a certain amount of calcium carbonate, which can neutralize the excessive gastric acid produced in the stomach, relieve stomach discomfort symptoms such as acid reflux, burning, pain and swelling, and effectively reduce pepsin activity. In addition, the drug can promote the healing of gastric ulcers, especially protect the gastric mucosa, and has a significant therapeutic effect on gastrointestinal ulcer disease.

3. Solid lean

Squid bone is also a very common male herbal medicine. It has multiple effects such as warming and astringent, fixing sperm, and stopping the belt. In particular, it can be used in combination with Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum, Cuscuta, Sha Yuan Zi and Long Gui to treat seminal emission. It can also improve symptoms such as liver and kidney deficiency and weakness of the waist and knees.

4. Dispel dampness and relieve itching

Squid bones can also dispel dampness and collect sores, and can also treat eczema, wet sores and umbilical sores in children. Also, scrotal eczema patients can be treated with this medicine, mainly through external application.