Starch Pellet Core (medicinal Excipient)
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Starch Pellet Core (medicinal Excipient)

Product name: Starch pellet core (medicinal excipient)
Appearance: white spherical particles
Shelf life: 2 years

Starch pellet core product description

Starch pellet core is a kind of spherical particles made of medicinal starch, and the starch content is not less than 95%. It has the characteristics of low brittleness and good physical and chemical stability. At the same time, it is insoluble in water, does not produce osmotic pressure, and does not affect the release rate of drugs in the coating layer. It can also absorb the liquid extract of traditional Chinese medicine and be used in traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

Starch pellet core function and application

1. Starch pellet core is mainly used to manufacture sustained-release capsules and enteric coated capsules (such as ibuprofen sustained-release capsules, diclofenac sodium sustained-release capsules, omeprazole enteric coated capsules, etc.).

2. Starch pellet core can also be applied to the production and manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations such as orally disintegrating tablets, rapid release tablets, dry mixed preparations, etc.