Strawberry Juice Powder
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Strawberry Juice Powder

Product name: Strawberry juice powder
Used part: Fruit
Active Ingredient:Vitamin C
Specification:80 Mesh
Extraction method:TLC
Appearance: Red Powder

Strawberry juice powder product description

Strawberry fruit powder is a kind of powder made by using fresh, mature and non rotten strawberries, through the steps of cleaning, squeezing juice, filtration, clarification, concentration, spray drying, crushing, screening and packaging.

Strawberry jelly powder function and application

1. Strawberry powder has the functions of generating saliva, promoting phlegm, invigorating the spleen, relieving alcohol, and reducing fat. It has a certain effect on gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

2. Strawberry powder also has the effect of moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

3. Strawberry powder is widely used in processing all kinds of strawberry flavor foods and adding to all kinds of nutritional foods to strengthen its nutritional and health care efficacy, and endow all kinds of foods with natural strawberry color and unique strawberry flavor.

4.It can eliminate food, eliminate greasiness, eliminate fat, detoxify, lose weight, exercise and regulate the intestines and stomach, improve constipation, reduce fatigue, strengthen the stomach, stop diarrhea, sterilize and eliminate inflammation, prevent cancer and resist aging.