Sulfobutyl Betacyclodextrin Sodium (medicinal Excipients)
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Sulfobutyl Betacyclodextrin Sodium (medicinal Excipients)

Product name: Sulfobutyl betacyclodextrin sodium (medicinal excipients)
CAS NO.: 182410-00-0
Molecular formula: C42H70-nO35(C4H8SO3Na)n
Molecular weight: 1134+158n
Appearance: white powder
Shelf life: 36 months

Sulfobutyl betacyclodextrin sodium (medicinal Excipients) product description

Sulfobutyl betacyclodextrin sodium is a new type of anionic highly water-soluble cyclodextrin derivative, which can be well encapsulated with drug molecules to form non-covalent complexes, thus improving drug stability, water solubility, safety, reducing nephrotoxicity, moderating drug hemolysis, controlling drug release rate, and masking bad odor. At present, it has been applied to injectable drugs, oral drugs, nasal drugs and eye drugs, and has special affinity and compatibility for nitrogen-containing drugs.

Sulfobutyl betacyclodextrin sodium (medicinal Excipients) function and application

1. Neutral, positive and negative APIs can be effectively combined with sulfobutyl betacyclodextrin sodium, so that compounds with different solubility in API water can be increased by 10 to 25000 times.

2. Sulfobutyl betacyclodextrin sodium has good biocompatibility and can be administered by injection, oral administration, eye, nose, external use and inhalation.