Sunflower Seed Protein Powder
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Sunflower Seed Protein Powder

Product Name: Sunflower Seed Protein Powder
Used Part: Sunflowerseed meal
Active Ingredients:Protein
Specification: ≥50%
Test Method: Kjeldah method
Drying Method:Spray Drying
Packing:1kg/bag; 25kg/drum

organic sunflower seed protein powder introduction

Sunflower seed protein is a protein product that uses defatted sunflower seed cake as raw material and removes phenolic acid compounds such as shell, chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. The main component is globulin (about 70%~79%), followed by albumin and a small amount of glutenin and gliadin. In the composition of amino acids, the content of lysine is low, while the content of other essential amino acids is high.

Sunflower protein powder nutritional characteristics

The chemical composition of sunflower seeds varies according to the variety and growth environment. In the domestic sunflower seeds, the fat content is usually 40% - 68%, protein content is 21% - 30%, carbohydrate content is 2.0% - 6.5%, crude fiber content is 6.0%, and ash content is 3.2% - 5.4%. The sunflower seed meal after oil extraction generally contains 29% - 43% crude protein, 4% - 15% crude fat, 7% - 23% cellulose, 3% - 19% moisture and 7% - 10% ash.

Among the amino acid composition of sunflower seed protein, the content of lysine is higher than that of cereal protein, but slightly lower than that of soybean protein and animal protein. Other amino acids have a good balance. Compared with the FAO value, its amino acid composition is higher than or similar to that of other essential amino acids except lysine content, so lysine is the first limiting amino acid of sunflower seeds. Although lysine content is low, its effective lysine content can be as high as 90%. Sunflower seed protein is rich in sulfur-containing amino acids such as methionine. Compared with most plant proteins, sunflower seed protein has a good digestibility (90%) and a high biological value (60%).

Sunflower seed protein powder physiological function

Sunflower seed protein has good water absorption, oil absorption, emulsification and foaming properties. Sunflower seed powder can absorb 170% water and 208% oil, and its oil absorption is higher than that of soybean protein. Sunflower seed protein concentrate and protein isolate have foaming and stirring properties similar to that of fresh egg white.

Sunflower seed protein powder preparation method

1. Preparation of sunflower seed protein concentrate

The sunflower seed meal after oil extraction is crushed and extracted with 70% ethanol, acid solution and other solvents to remove chlorogenic acid, water-soluble sugar, inorganic salt, etc. from the raw material, and then the sunflower seed protein concentrate is prepared by the production process of concentrated soybean protein.

2. Preparation of sunflower seed protein isolate

After sifting off the large shell of the low temperature desalted sunflower seed meal, the shell is removed by milling machine, and then put into the extraction tank. Under vacuum conditions, extract chlorogenic acid, water-soluble sugar, inorganic salt, etc. with 1:40 ethanol aqueous solution. The extraction temperature is controlled at 50 ℃, keep stirring, and the extraction time is 30min. After the extraction, obtain the protein extraction solution by centrifugation, adjust it to pH 4~4.2 with 0.5mol/L HCl solution, and let it stand for 30min to make the protein precipitate, Then the protein paste is obtained by centrifugation, then the slurry is mixed, homogenized, and spray dried to obtain the separated protein.

3. Factors affecting protein quality

Sunflower seeds contain phenolic compounds that affect protein quality, such as chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. They are combined with the polar group of protein, and can rapidly oxidize to quinone under alkaline and high temperature, producing brownish green products, affecting the color of protein, and chlorogenic acid can inhibit pepsin, which must be removed.

Sunflower seed protein powder application

1. For general food. Add 1% - 2% defatted sunflower seed protein powder into bread and other foods after boiling for 1 hour in damp heat, which can strengthen nutrition, make up for the deficiency of essential amino acid content in flour, and also increase the elasticity of bread pulp, thus preventing the starch in flour from aging.

2. Good additive for baby food. Compared with soybean protein, sunflower seed protein has lower lysine content, but higher methionine content. The combination of sunflower seed protein and soybean protein can play a role in nutritional fortification when added to infant food.

3. Additives in meat products. When sunflower seed protein is added to meat products such as sausages, the shrinkage is small during smoking, which can not only prevent oil separation and reduce weight loss, but also increase the tenderness of sausages and make the products more palatable. Adding sunflower seed tissue protein (30%) to the stuffing of pies, steamed stuffed buns, dumplings and other foods instead of pork can not only reduce animal fat and cholesterol content in foods, but also reduce costs.

4. Make artificial milk and other drinks. Sunflower seed protein has a soft smell and no beany smell. It is a good raw material for high-grade drinks and artificial milk. The concentrated sunflower seed protein slurry is heat treated at 80 ℃, and then mechanically stirred with emulsifier to make an emulsion containing 3% protein. The mixed milk with good flavor and color can be obtained by mixing it with milk in a ratio of 1:1.