Tartaric Acid Powder
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Tartaric Acid Powder

Product Name: Tartaric acid
CAS NO.: 526-83-0
Molecular formula: C4H6O6
Molecular weight: 150.09
EINECS NO.: 200-533-0
Appearance: Colorless translucent crystal or white fine to coarse crystalline powder
Storage condition:Store at +5°C to +30°C.

Tartaric acid powder description

Tartaric acid, i.e. 2,3-dihydroxysuccinic acid, it is a carboxylic acid. It is found in many plants, such as grape and tamarind. It is also one of the main organic acids in wine.

Tartaric Acid Powder function and application

As an antioxidant added to food, it can make food sour.

In the mirror industry, tartaric acid is an important auxiliary and reducing agent, which can control the formation speed of silver mirror and obtain a very uniform coating.