Alpha Terpineol
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Alpha Terpineol

Product Name: Terpineol
CAS NO.: 8000-41-7
Molecular formula: C10H18O
Molecular weight: 154.25
EINECS NO.: 232-268-1
Appearance:Colorless liquid or low melting point transparent crystal

Alpha Terpineol description

Terpineol has the aroma of pine and clove. The appearance is viscous liquid, but it tends to crystallize. The boiling point is 218-219 ℃, 85 ℃ / 400pa, and the melting point is 35 ℃( α- Terpineol). It is mainly used to prepare Syringa chemicalbook, lily of the valley, acacia, orange blossom and other fragrant soaps, cosmetics and essence. pure α- Terpineol can also be used to prepare lemon, orange, peach and other edible essence. Many ester compounds prepared from terpineol are also good spices.

Alpha Terpineol function and application

Terpineol can be divided into two types: flavor specification and medicinal specification. Flavor grade terpineol has good aroma adaptability and stability to air and in many flavoring media. It is widely used in essence formulations for various purposes, and it is also used as a freshener; As a body fragrance, it is commonly used in essence such as lily, lilac, lily of the valley, acacia, luteolin, orange blossom, etc. It is also an important fragrance in Magnolia, gardenia, Narcissus and pine needle essence. Terpineol is low in price, and it is widely used to blend soaps, cosmetics fragrances and high-grade essence similar to lilac aroma, and it is also used in pharmaceutical, motor, ink and other industries. The distillate containing 40% ~ 80% alcohol is called synthetic pine oil, which is mainly used as flotation foaming agent for non-ferrous metals

It is used to prepare essence, and also used in medicine, pesticide, plastic, soap and ink industries. It is also a solvent for color on glassware.