Thyme Oil
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Thyme Oil

Product Name:Thyme Oil
CAS NO.:8007-46-3

Thyme essential oil introduction

Thyme oil is an essential oil that is a dark reddish-brown or dark-green liquid with a strong herbal, slightly alcoholic aroma. It is obtained by distillation from the dried leaves and flowers of the Lamiaceae plant thyme. Thyme oil is mainly produced in France and Spain, and there are also resources in North China.

Thyme essential oil main ingredient

Thymol, linalool, fenugreek borrowing phenol, borneol, coriander alcohol, terpineol, clove oil.

Thyme essential oil efficacy and role

1. Skin care: Thyme oil is a tonic for the scalp and it is very effective for dandruff and inhibiting hair loss. For acne, eczema or other skin diseases, it can speed up the recovery.

2. Body care: Thyme oil can treat colds, coughs and sore throats, which is the most basic function of thyme for a long time; thyme is a very good lung anti-infective agent, which can treat various respiratory infections, as well as mouth and throat infections ; Also, thyme oil stimulates blood circulation, which can increase low blood pressure. It can also improve menstrual disorders, relieve menstrual discomfort, oligomenorrhea, abdominal pain and bloating. Drop a few drops of thyme essential oil into the hot water of the feet, which can achieve the purpose of activating blood circulation and meridians, and it can also achieve the effect of removing athlete's foot odor.

3. Mind maintenance: Thyme oil can strengthen nerves, activate brain cells, improve memory and concentration; thyme essential oil can boost depressed mood, exhaustion, and frustration.

Thyme essential oil application field

Thyme oil has a strong aroma and it can be used as a natural condiment; in addition, the essential oil contained in it has strong antioxidant and bacteriostatic properties, and it is an excellent natural preservative, antioxidant and food stabilizer, so it is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food and other industries.

Thyme essential oil extraction process

The extraction methods of thyme oil mainly include steam distillation, supercritical fluid extraction and two-phase extraction.