Tomato Flavour
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Tomato Flavour

Product Name:Tomato flavour

Tomato flavour introduction

Tomato essence is an additive with tomato flavor. Tomato essence is refreshing and natural, just like the fresh aroma of freshly picked and cut tomatoes.It can effectively improve the rich, fresh and full fresh tomato flavor and thick tomato bottom flavor of the catering seasoning package, and increase the attractive and lasting sweet and sour aroma, achieving the original natural flavor.

Tomato flavour Deployment

The deployment of tomato essence is mainly to determine the flavor idea by analyzing the characteristic aroma of tomato. The aroma required by different application products (such as drinks, candy, stuffing, etc.) also has obvious differentiation. The aroma style of essence should be determined according to needs. The choice of solvent is also very important. Tomato essence used for fruit juice drinks generally uses propylene glycol as the solvent, General carbonated drinks can use alcohol and water as solvents in consideration of cost and grade. Of course, if the essence solvent is changed to temperature resistant solvent, such as salad oil, glyceryl triacetate, etc., it can be used as essence for general filling.