Tomato Flavour Powder
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Tomato Flavour Powder

Product name:Tomato Powder
Used part:Fruit
Active Ingredient:Vitamin C
Specification:95% pass 80 mesh
Extraction method:UV
Appearance:Orange red powder

Tomato Flavour Powder description

Tomatoes are rich in nutritional value. Tomato powder is a low calorie and low-fat food. It is made from dried tomatoes. Its main components are lycopene, carotene, vitamins B and C. The vitamin P content is the highest among vegetables, as well as various nutrients such as organic acids and enzymes.

Tomato Flavour Powder function and application

1. Tomato powder is rich in nutrition, which contains a lot of vitamin C and minerals.

2. Regular use of tomato powder can whiten, resist aging, prevent cancer, clear away heat and detoxification, strengthen stomach and digestion, generate saliva and quench thirst, etc

3. Tomato powder can also be applied externally or used as a facial mask, which can also play a role in beauty and fade spots.