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Tongkat Ali Extract

Product Name:Tongkat ali extract

Tongkat ali extract powder description

Tongkat Ali extract is the water or alcohol extract of the plant Tongkat Ali, and the main active components are diterpenes and alkaloids. It has the functions of anti-cancer, anti-malarial, and improving male sexual dysfunction.

Organic tongkat ali powder pharmacological activity

1. Anticancer activity

It was first reported in 1990. It was found that longilactone, 13,21-dihydroeurycomanone and 14,15-dihydroxyklaineanone purified from Tongkat Ali root had cytotoxic activity on KB and P-388 cancer cell lines. Tongkat Ali crude extract can induce apoptosis through the action of caspase, thereby inhibiting the growth of MCF-5 tumor cells. In addition, some scholars reported that the extract of Tongkat Ali root rich in enrycomenone can induce the apoptosis of HepG2 hepatoma cells through the P53 pathway.

2. Antimalarial activity

Studies have found that the chloroform and n-butanol fractions of the methanol crude extract of Tongkat Ali root have antimalarial activity. The quassinoids in Tongkat Ali root extract can inhibit the synthesis of proteins in Plasmodium, thereby achieving antimalarial effect.

3. Improve Sexual Function

After feeding the crude extract of Tongkat Ali root to adult male rats with sexual experience, the sexual function indicators of male rats were improved, while the adult male rats without sexual experience had sexual desire after feeding the crude extract. The phenomenon occurs, indicating that it has the effect of inducing libido and enhancing libido. The estrogen-treated rats were continuously gavaged with Tongkat Ali extract for 14 days, and it was found that it could also promote spermatogenesis and increase serum testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali can enhance the vitality of the body, prolong the survival time of kidney deficiency mice under low temperature, increase the seminal sac and prostate index, and has a clear tonic effect.

Pure tongkat ali extract application development

Tongkat Ali is a widely used herbal medicine locally. Its branches and leaves are very bitter, and its roots are especially bitter, which has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing and strengthening. After boiling, it can be taken orally to reduce fever and antimalarial; external skin wounds can help reduce inflammation and promote healing. Lumberjacks who live in the jungle all year round use this herb as "Malaysian ginseng". At present, a health care product company in Malaysia has produced a health care product named "Lili Ge" and listed it. Now it has further developed in depth, and its product forms have become more diversified, such as Tongkat Ali coffee bag, Tongkat Ali tea, Tongkat Ali pastries and more.