Tuberose Absolute
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Tuberose Absolute

Product Name:Tuberose absolute
CAS NO.:8024-05-3

Tuberose absolute essential oil main ingredient

The essential oil components include methyl salicylate, methyl anthranilate, and benzyl benzoate, all of which have the structure of 7 carbon atoms.

Tuberose absolute essential oil extraction method

1. Solvent extraction method: 1150kg of flowers can only extract 1kg of fragrant body, which is almost as expensive as chick peas. It is an essential ingredient for the production of the most advanced perfumes in Grasse in the early days.

2. Liposuction method: Compared with the solute extraction method, it can get 15 times more raw essence and 56 times more methyl anthranilate, because the solvent will still destroy the weaker tuberose when it is stirred! However, liposuction is still rarely used for commercial production, and some are only used in the perfume industry.

Tuberose absolute essential oil efficacy and role

1. Effect on skin: Prevent rough skin. Rejuvenate aging skin; external use is mainly suitable for aging mature skin, damaged skin repair, etc. Moisturizing and anti-eczema prevents the skin from losing moisture, drying and aging, making the skin smoother and more vibrant. Improves allergies, inflammations, eczema and atopic dermatitis, especially for baby facial eczema. Repairs damaged hair cells and regenerates shine. Make hair elegant and lustrous, improve dryness and non-compliance.

2. Effects on the body: Tuberose is commonly used in Indian traditional medicine Ayurveda to deal with various problems of children, such as fetal poisoning, infant crying, fright, etc. It has a strong pain-relieving effect and is very effective in dealing with muscle stiffness.

3. The effect on the mood: make the mood positive and optimistic, cheer up; make the mind clear. Usually used to deal with psychological problems. Reassure adults and children at the same time and restore peace of mind. It can soothe the emotions of being bullied, insulted, and misunderstood.

Tuberose absolute essential oil application field

1. Inflammation and sprain of knee and calf.

2. Tuberose is commonly used in Indian traditional medicine to deal with various problems of children, including fetal poisoning, infant crying, fright, facial eczema, etc.

3. Central nervous system imbalance, insomnia, high blood pressure.