Ursodeoxycholic Acid
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Ursodeoxycholic Acid

Product Name:Ursodeoxycholic Acid
Alias: UDCA
CAS NO.:128-13-2
Molecular formula:C24H40O4
Molecular weight:392.57
Appearance:White powder
EINECS NO.: 204-879-3
Storage condition:2-8°C

Ursodeoxycholic Acid Chemical Properties

This product is white powder; odorless, bitter taste. Mp200-204°C. Soluble in ethanol and glacial acetic acid, soluble in sodium hydroxide solution, insoluble in chloroform. UDCA is an isomer of CDCA, and its litholysis effect is stronger than that of CDCA, without diarrhea and liver toxicity. UDCA can reduce the absorption of cholesterol, and it can reduce the synthesis of cholesterol and the content of cholesterol in bile.

Ursodeoxycholic Acid Purpose

For the treatment of gallstones, cholestatic liver disease, fatty liver, various types of hepatitis, toxic liver disorders, cholecystitis, cholangitis and biliary dyspepsia, bile reflux gastritis, eye diseases, etc.