Vanilla Extract Essential Oil
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Vanilla Extract Essential Oil

Product Name: Vanilla essential oil
Extraction source: Vanilla
Appearance:Light yellow to brown liquid

Vanilla essential oil description

Vanilla essential oil has green and sweet bean fragrance with green and sweet spice, and has woody, tobacco and beaver-like aroma.

Vanilla essential oil main components

The fermented fruit pod contains 8.24% essential oil. The main components of vanilla essential oil are vanillin, p-hydroxybenzaldehyde, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic acid, etc.

Vanilla essential oil function and application

Vanilla essential oil is extracted from vanilla and it can be used in food processing.

Vanilla essential oil raw materials introduction

Vanilla is a typical large orchid climbing plant in the tropical rainforest, originating in the southeast of Mexico and the tropical rainforest region of Central America. It likes high temperature, humid and hot environment, and is especially suitable for growing in slightly acidic soil rich in humus, loose and well drained.

Vanilla pods contain vanillin (or vanilla essence), as well as 150-170 components such as hydrocarbon compounds, alcohols, carboxyl compounds, esters, phenols, acids, phenol ethers and heterocyclic compounds.

It is mainly used to make flavoring materials for ice cream, chocolate, liqueur and other foods; It can also be used in cosmetics, tobacco, fermentation and decoration industries; At the same time, it can be used as medicine. Its fruit pods have the functions of arousing, nourishing and exciting, strengthening the heart, brain, stomach, detoxifying, expelling wind, and strengthening muscle strength. It can be used as aromatic nervous system stimulant and kidney tonic for the treatment of hysteria, depression, impotence, deficiency heat and rheumatism.