Vanilla Flavour
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Vanilla Flavour

Product Name:Vanilla flavour
Uses: Pastry to remove eggy smell or make vanilla-flavored snacks

Natural vanilla flavour introduction

Vanilla essence is a kind of edible essence extracted from vanilla, which is often used to remove the fishy smell of eggs in cakes or make vanilla flavored snacks.

Vanilla flavour chemical properties

The product is light yellow volatile transparent liquid. Soluble in water (about 0.2%), insoluble in oil. It has a vanilla bean aroma.

Organic vanilla flavour purpose

It is often used in pastries to remove the egg smell or to make vanilla flavor snacks. Because it is concentrated essence, the dosage should not be too much, so as not to cover the original flavor of the cake with too strong vanilla flavor. Suitable for solid drinks, cold drinks, cough syrup, etc.

Vanilla flavour production method

Cut the vanilla pods and take out the vanilla seeds, and then soak them in the wine above 40 ℃ (white rum/vodka, etc. can be selected generally) with the branches of the vanilla pods cut into small sections, for about 3 months.

Vanilla flavour raw material introduction

Vanilla, also known as spice plant, contains aromatic volatile oils, antioxidants, and fungicides. It can not only repel mosquitoes and flies, beautify the environment, purify the air, and beautify the living room. It is also widely used in beauty, bathing, diet, and medical treatment. Its representative plants are lavender, rosemary, thyme, ageratum and so on.