Vitamin B1
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Vitamin B1

Product Name: Vitamin B1
CAS NO.: 59-43-8
Molecular formula: C12H17CIN4OS
Molecular weight: 300.81
EINECS NO.: 200-425-3
Appearance:White fine crystal or crystal powder
Storage condition: Keep in dark place,Inert atmosphere,Room temperature

Vitamin B1 powder product description

Vitamin B1 is also called thiamine or anti neuritis. It is synthesized by fungi, microorganisms and plants, while animals and humans can only get it from food. Vitamin B1 is mainly found in the outer skin and germ of seeds, such as rice bran and bran, and also in yeast.

Pure vitamin b1 function and application

It is suitable for vitamin B1 deficiency and it has the function of maintaining normal glucose metabolism and nerve conduction. It is also used as an auxiliary treatment for indigestion and neuritis.