Vitamin B12(68-19-9)C63H88CoN14O14P
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Vitamin B12(68-19-9)C63H88CoN14O14P

Product name: Vitamin B12
CAS No.:68-19-9
Purity: ≥99% or according to customer requested
Color: Red to dark red
Product Categories: Vitamins and Minerals medicines;Vitamin B drugs;APIs
Test method: HPLC

Vitamin b12 description

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is the only vitamin containing metal elements. Vitamin B12 is a red crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless, slightly soluble in water and ethanol. Vitamin B12 in nature is synthesized by microorganisms. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin that needs the help of an intestinal secretion (endogenous factor) to be absorbed. It participates in the production of bone marrow red blood cells, prevents pernicious anemia and brain nerve damage.

Natural vitamin b12 function

1. vitamin B12 can be used in cosmetics to solve skin problems. For example, it can solve the problems of skin fatigue, dullness and dryness, fade fine lines, and repair skin swelling, peeling and pain caused by sun exposure and dry and cold autumn and winter.

2. vitamin B12 is used in the medical field to treat and prevent vitamin B12 deficiency. It can prevent and improve anemia, relieve muscle pain, joint pain, etc.

3. vitamin B12 can be used as food additive and food colorant.

4. vitamin B12 can be used as feed additive.

Vitamin b12 powder application

1. Medical and healthcare applications

It is mainly used to treat various VB12 deficiency disorders, such as megaloblastic anemia, anemia caused by drug poisoning, aplastic anemia, and leukopenia; When used in combination with pantothenic acid, it can prevent malignant anemia and help to absorb Fe2+and secrete gastric acid; It is also used to treat arthritis, facial nerve paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, hepatitis, herpes, asthma, and other allergies, allergic dermatitis, measles, eczema, and bursitis; VB12 can also be used for the treatment of neuroticism, irritability, insomnia, memory loss, and depression. New research shows that VB12 deficiency can also cause mental disorders such as depression. VB12 is very safe as a therapeutic agent or health product, and VB12 that exceeds several thousand times the RDA has not been found to be toxic by intravenous or intramuscular injection.

2. Application in feed

VB12 can promote the growth and development of poultry and livestock, especially young poultry and livestock, and improve the utilization rate of feed protein, which can be used as a feed additive. Treating fish eggs or fry with VB12 aqueous solution can improve the tolerance of fish to toxic substances such as benzene and heavy metals in water, and reduce mortality. Since the "mad cow disease" incident in Europe, there has been greater development space for replacing "meat and bone meal" with nutrients with clear chemical structures such as vitamins. Currently, most of the VB12 produced in the world is used in the feed industry.

3. Application in other aspects

In developed countries, VB12 is used in cosmetics in combination with other substances; In the food industry, VB12 can be used as a colorant for foods such as ham, sausage, ice cream, and fish sauce. In family life, VB12 solution is adsorbed on activated carbon, zeolite, non-woven fiber or paper, or made into soap, toothpaste, etc; It can also be used for deodorization of toilets, refrigerators, etc., to eliminate the odor of sulfides and aldehydes; VB12 can also be used for dehalogenation of organic halides, a common pollutant in soil and surface water in environmental protection.