Vitamin B7 Powder
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Vitamin B7 Powder

Product name: vitamin b7 powder
Synonyms: D-Biotin, Biotin, Vitamin H
Specification: 1%, 2%, 98%
Appearance: White powder
CAS No.: 58-85-5
Chemical Formula: C10H16N2O3S

B7 vitamina product description

Vitamin B7, also known as vitamin H and coenzyme R, is a water-soluble vitamin and also belongs to vitamin B group, B7. It is an essential substance for the synthesis of vitamin C and an indispensable substance for the normal metabolism of fat and protein. It is a necessary nutrient to maintain the natural growth and development of human body and the health of normal human function.

Vitamin b7 function and application

1. Health care use. Vitamin B7 improves the use of insulin and blood glucose, and helps to improve the regulation of blood glucose. It can improve skin problems and malnutrition.

2. Cosmetic use. Vitamin B7 is used in cosmetics, it can improve the speed of blood circulation in skin blood vessels. Within the concentration range of 0.1%~1.0%, it is easy to mix the oil phase in the formula. It can be used in skin care cream, sports liquid, foot pain relief cream, shaving liquid and shampoo.

3. Vitamin B7 can be used in scientific research.