Vitamin D2
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Vitamin D2

Product name:Vitamin D2
CAS NO.: 50-14-6
Molecular formula: C28H44O
Molecular weight: 396.6484
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Storage condition: 2-8ºC

Vitamin D2 product description

Vitamin D2, chemically named ergocalciferol, is a ring opening steroid formed by the breaking of chemical bonds of steroids under photochemical action, especially through the action of ultraviolet light and ergosterol. Ergot calciferol prepared in the early stage is also known as viosterol.

Vitamin D2 function and application

1. Vitamin D2 helps us promote the growth of the body, calcification of bones, and healthy and complete teeth. Therefore, vitamin D2 can prevent and treat osteoporosis to a certain extent.

2. Vitamin D2 helps us effectively improve our body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so that our plasma calcium and phosphorus levels are at a relatively saturated level, so as to effectively ensure the health and stability of all functions in our body.