Vitamin E Calcium Succinate
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Vitamin E Calcium Succinate

Product name: Vitamin E calcium Succinate
CAS NO.: 14638-18-7
Molecular formula: C66H106CaO10
Molecular weight: 1099.62000
Appearance: white powder
Shelf life: 2 years

Vitamin E calcium succinate product description

Vitamin E calcium succinate is a fat soluble vitamin, also known as tocopherol. It belongs to phenolic compounds and is one of the most important antioxidants. It has the functions of antioxidation, promoting protein renewal and synthesis, and regulating platelet adhesion and aggregation. Natural vitamin E mainly exists in fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean meat, milk, eggs and pressed vegetable oil.

Vitamin E calcium succinate function and application

1. Vitamin E calcium succinate has biological characteristics such as promoting the absorption of VA and fat, improving the nutritional supply of the body, and enhancing the absorption and utilization of nutrients by muscle cells.

2. Vitamin E calcium succinate can effectively delay aging. At the same time, due to its promoting effect on nucleic acid metabolism, it can effectively eliminate oxygen free radicals in the body, maintain the vigorous function of various organs, and play the role of delaying aging and prolonging life.

3. Vitamin E calcium succinate can prevent and treat muscle atrophy, cardiovascular disease, infertility and abortion caused by ve deficiency.

4. Natural VE has a very good effect on menopausal disorders, autonomic nervous disorders and high cholesterol. It can also prevent anemia and effectively safeguard life.