Vitamin K2 MK7 Powder
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Vitamin K2 MK7 Powder

Product name:Vitamin K2 MK7 Powder
Other name: menaquinone 7, mk7
Specification: 0.2%, 1%
Appearance: yellow powder
CAS NO.: 27670-94-6
Molecular formula: C46H64O2
Molecular weight: 649.00
Source: mainly from natto

Vitamin K2 MK7 powder product description

Vitamin K2 (MK-7) is a type of vitamin K2, that is, there are 7 isoprene units on the side chain of vitamin K2. It is a fat soluble vitamin and one of the indispensable and important vitamins in the human body.

Vitamin K2 MK7 powder function and application

1. Vitamin K2 Mk7 powder is used for osteoporosis, improving arterial calcification and treating Parkinson's disease.

2. Vitamin K2 Mk7 powder can support heart health and prevent cardiovascular disease.

3. Vitamin K2 Mk7 powder helps prevent calcification of blood vessels and kidneys.