Walnut Extract
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Walnut Extract

Product name: Walnut extract
Appearance: brownish yellow fine powder
Specification:10:1 to 20:1
Used part: pulp in walnut kernel
Storage: ventilated and dry, cool and mothproof, and stored away from light
Shelf life: 24 months

Walnut extract extraction source

The walnut extract is extracted from the walnut kernel of mature fruit, and the plant source is the walnut of Juglandaceae.

Walnut seed extract nutrient content

Walnut extract contains fatty oil, which is mainly divided into linoleic acid oil, oleic acid, and glyceride of linolenic acid; it also contains protein, carbohydrates α- and γ-vitamin E, vitamin B2, etc. The main components of the water extract of walnut kernel are polar water-soluble substances such as saponins; Ethanol extracts are mainly flavonoids and alkaloids; The acetone extract from walnut kernel mainly contains polyunsaturated lipids and vitamin E.

Walnut seed extract function and application

1. Walnut extract strengthen the body and provide nutrition.

2. Walnut kernel extract has direct bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Anti cancer: Walnut extract has the effects of analgesia, improving leukocytes and protecting the liver in cancer patients.

4. Brain strengthening and anti-aging: walnut extract contains more protein and unsaturated fatty acids necessary for human nutrition. These components are important substances for brain tissue and cell metabolism, which can nourish brain cells and enhance brain function.

5. Purify blood and reduce cholesterol: walnut extract can purify the blood, so as to provide better fresh blood for the human body.

6. Walnut kernel extract contains more protein and essential unsaturated fatty acids. These components have a very good brain tonic effect, can nourish brain cells and enhance brain function.

7. Walnut extract contains a large amount of vitamin E, which can moisten the lungs and black hair if taken regularly.

8. Relieve fatigue and pressure.