Watermelon Ketone
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Watermelon Ketone

Product Name:Watermelon Ketone
CAS NO.:28940-11-6
Molecular formula:C10H10O3
Molecular weight:178.18
Appearance:White powder
EINECS NO.: 249-320-4
Storage condition:Inert atmosphere,2-8°C

Watermelon Ketone Description

Watermelon Ketone, also known as caron or methylbenzenedioxapinolonone, it is a hydrocarbon compound with a similar structure to certain cycloaliphatic C11 hydrocarbons such as exocarpel. It is a fragrance compound with a characteristic smell. It has been used as a scent ingredient since the 1980s because of its watery, freshness and ozone content. It was later complemented with several Ocean Trend fragrances from the 1990s.

Watermelon Ketone Chemical properties

Watermelonone is a white powder with a fresh marine odor and a melting point of 35–41°C. It is used in perfume oils to create a fresh marine scent for many purposes, for example, fine perfumes, soaps and body washes.