What is green tea oil? What are the effects and effects of green tea oil?
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What is green tea oil? What are the effects and effects of green tea oil?

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Green tea oil (green tea seed oil) is a green and healthy plant oil extracted from tea tree seeds that are over 20 years old and have not been contaminated by pesticides or fertilizers. It is extracted through a series of physical methods such as selection, shelling, cold pressing, and refining. Green tea oil also contains various bioactive ingredients that are beneficial to human health, such as tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharides, catechins, theophylline, tea saponins, etc. Regular consumption of green tea oil can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and has anti radiation, antioxidant, anti-aging, and bowel soothing effects. Green tea oil is a non drying, cool edible oil. It is suitable for frying, frying, boiling, frying, and cold mixing. In addition, green tea oil is also an ideal raw material for the production of natural skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products.

Green tea essential oil main components

Green tea oil contains more than 80% of oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid and other unsaturated fat acids. More importantly, green tea oil also contains a variety of natural vitamins rich in tea.

Green tea extract oil source

Green tea is a type of tea that, after being blanched, rolled, and dried, most of the pekoe falls off. It is then extracted and refined into a fragrant oil. The quality of tea trees picked at the beginning of germination is the highest. Generally, green tea leaves used for drinking will bloom elegantly like peonies after adding hot water, with less astringency and a long-lasting sweetness and fragrance after drinking. Due to its healthy and refreshing benefits, it is widely used in soap, cosmetics, and other body care products.green tea essential oil buy -herb-key

Green tea flavor oil efficacy and effects

Green tea oil is made from 100% pure natural green tea seeds. It absorbs natural nutrients and inherits the fragrance of tea. It contains rich unsaturated fat acids and vitamin E, as well as tea polyphenols, theophylline and other ingredients unique to tea plants. It is non drying and cool oil. Modern medical scientific research has shown that these ingredients have functions such as preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, resisting radiation, antioxidation, delaying aging, preventing cancer, and soothing the intestines and bowel movements.

Organic green tea seed oil application area

1. Skin care: In green tea aromatherapy oil, there is a substance called tea polyphenols that can replenish moisture, tighten the skin, and gently repair damaged skin.

2. Regulating physiological functions: Its aromatic compounds can also dissolve fat, prevent fat accumulation in the body, and aid in digestion and fat reduction.

3. Antibacterial and lung clearing: The antibacterial substances contained in green tea fragrance oil help keep the mouth fresh, eliminate bad breath, and prevent tooth decay. And it helps to clear and decompose the respiratory tract and trachea. Nicotine accumulated due to smoking has the effect of removing phlegm and cleaning the lungs.

4. Refreshing and refreshing: Although the caffeine in green tea aroma oil has the same chemical structure as that in coffee, under the influence of the unique catechins (also known as catechins) in green tea aroma oil, it has the effect of gradually restoring spirit, enhancing endurance, and clearing the mind, and the excitatory effect will slow down and last.

Pure green tea oil instructions

1. Drinking: Drink one tablespoon (about 10ml) directly when getting up in the morning or before going to bed at night. It can effectively clear the stomach and moisten the intestines, inhibit the deposition of fat, and moisturize the skin.

2. Cold salad: Mix all kinds of meat and vegetable dishes and pasta, make salads and various sauces, or directly spread bread and other foods. The mixed food is bright in color, smooth in taste and fragrant in smell.

3. Stir-frying: It is suitable for direct cooking with various meat and vegetable dishes, especially for cooking fishy food such as fish and seafood. It can not only remove the fishy smell, but also make the dishes extra delicious. The heating temperature should not be too high, so as not to affect the nutritional content.

4. Beauty and skin care: Apply directly on the clean skin after cleansing and bathing to make the skin more delicate.