What’s the benefit of geranium oil? How to use it?
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What’s the benefit of geranium oil? How to use it?

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What is geranium oil?

Geranium essential oil is obtained by steam-distilling the leaves of geranium, a plant species native to South Africa. According to folklore, it has been used for various health conditions.

Geranium oil is grown in many regions, including Europe and Asia. There are many varieties and strains of pink flowers with a fresh floral fragrance. Each variety smells different, but the ingredients, benefits, and uses are pretty much the same.

Geranium oil is widely used as an ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics. Essential oils are also used in aromatherapy to treat a variety of health conditions. In aromatherapy, essential oils are inhaled using a diffuser, or diluted with an oil carrier and applied to the skin for a soothing effect.

The role of geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil is light green/yellow. Some people find it to taste similar to rose oil, especially rose geranium, which is an improved variety of geranium with a more fragrant and milder smell. Geranium essential oil is an essential oil favored by all aromatherapists because of its versatility and pleasant smell, especially for various improvements in women's physiology.

1. The sweet floral fragrance of geranium can make people relax and calm, and it can be used to create an atmosphere of love and harmony. Therefore, such as wedding anniversaries, dates or gatherings of friends, geranium essential oil can be infused, and the effect is very good. Convenience and simplicity.best geranium essential oil -HerbKey

2. When we wash our hair, we can drop 2 to 3 geranium essential oils in a basin of warm water after washing our hair, and foam the hair into the water with the essential oil, which not only maintains the hair but also keeps the hair in a few days. Gives a light fragrance throughout the day and adds to your femininity. Of course, it can also be dropped directly into the shampoo.

3. Geranium essential oil is also very suitable for skin care. It smells fragrant and has a good cleansing effect to get rid of greasy skin. Geranium essential oil is ideal for dry or combination skin. The refreshing aroma of geranium and its properties make it an essential addition to skin care products.

4. Geranium essential oil is also an indispensable essential oil for people to middle age. Geranium is suitable for a variety of skin types, and can be used when it becomes difficult for the skin to maintain its radiance as we age.

5. Like all flower essential oils, geranium has a good anti-depressant ability, and it is also recommended for the recovery of damaged skin.

6. Geranium can be added to mouthwashes and rinses for sore throats, sore throats, and gingivitis infections.

7. Geranium essential oil is especially suitable to help relieve premenstrual tension. Its fragrance can help many women relieve premenstrual discomfort, dizziness, weakness and low tide.

8. Geranium is also commonly used in massage formulations for the lymphatic system, and geranium essential oil can be used to massage cellulitis and swollen ankles. These two functions can enhance each other and coordinate the circulation of the body. Geranium essential oil can not only be used when sick, but also can help us in our health massage.

9. After middle age, it is inevitable that the chest will be sagging and sagging. Geranium is also the main ingredient of chest massage oil.

10. Various physiological symptoms that come with menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and depression, can also be massaged or diffused with geranium. For example, symptoms of menopause and problems caused by changes in hormonal concentrations can be harmonized with geranium oil.

11. Geranium has an anti-depressant fragrance, when you feel that the work is too heavy, the pressure is too much, and the mood is up and down. The rose scent of geranium has a very good balance and coordination effect. It can change a person's extreme attitude. For those who pursue perfection and are obsessed with work, geranium is the best help.

How to use geranium essential oil?

Geranium essential oil can be diluted with a transfer oil, such as sesame oil, and applied topically to the skin. You can use it as a topical treatment or massage oil for acne or itching.

Some oils can cause allergic reactions if applied to the skin. Before use, do a patch test on a small area to make sure it won't cause a reaction.

When diluting essential oils with a carrier, it is important to follow their dilution guidelines, for adults, start by mixing 15 drops of essential oil with 6 teaspoons of carrier oil. This will be a 2.5% dilution. For children, a safe amount is 6 to 6 drops of essential oil per 3 teaspoons of oil.

As aromatherapy, you can apply geranium oil to a paper towel or cloth that won't stain you. You can also put it in a diffuser in a room to smell large spaces. There are also diffusers for personal use, such as aroma inhalation sticks, which you can fill with oil and inhale on the go.