White Camphor Essential Oil
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White Camphor Essential Oil

Product name: White camphor oil
CAS NO.: 8008-51-3
EINECS NO.: 616-922-7
Aroma: strong camphor smell
Appearance: colorless or light yellow to reddish brown oily liquid
Storage conditions:2-8°C

White Camphor Essential Oil description

White camphor oil is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation from the stems, roots, branches, and leaves of camphor trees. Camphor oil contains camphor, camphor, eucalyptus, camphorene, eugenol, etc. After extracting camphor, the remaining aromatic oil is commonly known as camphor oil. Products with different uses such as white camphor oil, red camphor oil and blue camphor oil can be obtained through fractional distillation.

White Camphor Essential Oil function and application

1. White camphor oil is the volatile oil evaporated from camphor tree roots, which has medicinal functions. It is the volatile oil from the roots of camphor tree, which is evaporated artificially. It has medicinal function.

2. White camphor oil is used for medicine and essence for soap preparation, and also for varnish and shoe polish.