Willow Bark Extract
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Willow Bark Extract

Product name: willow bark extract
Used Part: bark
CAS No.:138-52-3
Active Ingredient: salicin
Specification: 98%
Extraction method: Water, ethanol extraction
Appearance: Brownish yellow powder

Organic white willow bark extract product description

Willow bark extract mainly comes from the branches or bark of weeping willow. This kind of plant grows in the wetland near the water and is cultivated everywhere. It is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Basin and all parts of South China. The main component of willow bark extract is salicin.

White willow bark extract function and application

1. Willow bark extract can be used in the treatment of fever, cold and infection.

2. Willow bark extract reduces arthritis pain and back pain.

3. Willow bark extract regulates the physiological activity of the cuticle of the skin, making the skin smooth and delicate, and the skin color uniform.

4. Willow bark extract enhances the vitality of epidermal cells, promotes tissue cell regeneration, improves skin immunity, prevents skin inflammation, resists external bacterial erosion, and repair s damaged skin.