Carotene Xanthophyll
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Carotene Xanthophyll

Product name: Xanthophyll
CAS NO.:127-40-2
Main ingredient: lutein
Molecular weight:568.85
Molecular formula: C40H56O2
Effective substance content: 10%
Appearance: red yellow or yellow crystalline powder

Carotene xanthophyll description

Xanthophyll takes natural marigold as raw material, and through extraction, saponification, purification and other processes, lutein, zeaxanthin, lutein ester and other powder products are prepared. It is widely used in health products, food and other fields. In particular, it is widely used in protecting eye health.

Xanthophyll is a natural substance that widely exists in vegetables, flowers, fruits and other plants. Carotenoids found in human body mainly include α One carotene, β A group of carrots, cryptoflavin, lutein, lycopene, and n-undeflavin.

Carotene Xanthophyll function and application

1. Xanthophyll has an important protective effect on the macula in the retina. When lacking, it is easy to cause macular degeneration and blurred vision, and then appear symptoms such as visual degeneration and myopia.

2. Xanthophyll has strong antioxidant effect, which can inhibit the activity of reactive oxygen species and prevent the damage of reactive oxygen species to normal cells.

3. Xanthophyll can inhibit a variety of cancers, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, skin cancer, etc.