Yeast Extract
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Yeast Extract

Product Name: Yeast Extract
CAS NO.: 8013-01-2
Appearance: slightly brown powder
Storage condition: room temperature

Yeast extract powder introduction

The protein content of yeast extract is about 50%, of which glutathione accounts for about 20% and nucleic acid is 6%. Rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, functional peptide substances glutathione, glucan, mannan, trehalose, taste nucleotides, B vitamins, biotin, trace elements and volatile aromatic compounds and other components. Contents of calcium, phosphorus and trace elements in yeast extract (μg/g): calcium 1120, phosphorus 18020, zinc 190, iron 162, chromium 5, potassium 9300, cobalt 1.2, manganese 15, strontium 3.5, magnesium 2150. It does not contain cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, and it has pure natural strong flavor performance. It is an excellent flavor enhancer, rich in nutrition, delicious taste, rich and mellow. The main taste substances are amino acids, nucleotides and organic acids. It has been widely used in household seasonings, puffed food, bread, cakes, biscuits, frozen food and nutritional supplements.

Organic yeast extract extraction method

Yeast extract is a kind of nutritive functional natural flavoring made from fresh brewer's yeast, wine yeast and baker's yeast as raw materials, using modern bioengineering technology, making use of the complete autolysis of yeast itself to break the wall and separate the plasma wall, using the yeast's own enzyme system to hydrolyze the yeast cytoplasm, removing the cell wall and insoluble molecules, and then biodegradating the protein, nucleic acid, etc. in the yeast cell, and refining. Finally, the yeast extract is concentrated into semi paste, paste like products, oil embedded, microencapsulated and micronized powder products to meet different application needs.

Dried yeast extract application area

(1) Food field

Due to the rich nutrition and good processing performance of yeast extract, it can effectively enhance the fresh taste and mellow feeling of products in some food processing, and at the same time mitigate the salty and sour taste of products and cover up the odor. Yeast extract has been better applied in many food processing industries.

(2) Biofermentation field

Raw materials for fermentation industry: amino acid, antibiotic, API, VC, inosine, etc

Microbial culture medium: Pseudomonas, Acetobacter, Gluconobacter, Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Streptococcus lactis, Staphylococcus, Yeast and Mycoplasma.

(3) Cosmetics

After breaking the yeast wall, the protein, nucleic acid, vitamin, etc. are extracted, and then the light yellow powder rich in small molecules of amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, vitamins and other natural active ingredients is hydrolyzed by biological enzymes. The content of amino acid is more than 30%, the total protein is more than 50%, and the nucleotide is more than 10%. It has moisturizing and activating effects in cosmetics.

4) Industrial yeast extract

Yeast cream is a pure natural product separated and concentrated from fresh beer yeast emulsion (enzymolysis). It is rich in balanced essential amino acids, B vitamins, nucleotides, polypeptides and microelements, and it is an essential growth element for various microorganisms.