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Yucca Extract Bulk

Product name: Yucca Extract
Used part: The Whole Herb
CAS No.: 90147-57-2
Active Ingredients: Sarsaponin,Yucconin
Specification: 30%60%80%
Testing Method: UV
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder

Organic yucca extract product description

Yucca extract is a natural functional nutrient enhancer. The general raw material comes from yucca extract of linfenglan growing in the semi desert of North America (Mexico and southwestern United States).

Organic yucca root powder function and application

1. Improve intestinal health and make the absorption of nutrients smoother.

2. Reduce the concentration of ammonia in intestine and blood and reduce the harm to animal sub-health.

3. Killing protozoa, bacteriostasis and antiviral effect.